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100+ Top Online Marketplaces to Shop Around The World for Incredible Deals

We made a list of the most popular online marketplaces for international shoppers.  You probably never even heard of most of them -but they're shopped by millions of people every month.

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What is Jumia?

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Cody Shields

Author, The FINE FIND Newsletter
"DealBooky's FREE store and shipping directory makes it easy to save while shopping overseas marketplaces like Jumia."

Mira H.

"I'm always on the lookout for trendworthy pieces, and DealBooky helps me find them at overseas stores I've never even heard of"

Justine P.

"I've ordered things from abroad, like from China or maybe Canada...  But I never considered shopping stores in Africa or South America.  It's new to me!"

Sandra C.

"I knew stuff is cheaper in places like Vietnam, but thought it's usually bad quality with shipping costing a fortune."

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